Eco-Friendly Production

OZANTEKS, as a leading and innovative company in textile industry is aware of its responsibilities for environment. Ozanteks invests on environmental friendly technologies and behaves with the aim of reducing harm to environment.

OZANTEKS, has started working on reducing carbon dioxide footprint and greenhouse effect in accordance to the goals of which our country has taken place on struggling against global warming and climate change by international climate change regulations.

OZANTEKS, invests on installing Solar Power Plants on fields and factory roofs. Ozanteks which has solar power plants with a current installed capacity of 20 MW uses its own clean energy to produce textiles.

OZANTEKS, prevents natural gas consumption of 2.900.263 m³ yearly by using clean energy produced at solar power plants As known, another advantage of solar plants is to reduce carbon dioxide emitted to nature. Ozanteks with its own solar plants prevents 30.000 tons of CO2 emission. In addition, recovery of 1.750.000 trees have been provided by our Solar Power Plants, and therefore, by replanting of 34.250.000 square meters area (an area larger than 10 times Central Park) protection of living beings life and habitat variety has been supported.

OZANTEKS Enviromental And Social Responsibility Policy

The management of OZANTEKS Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has reviewed its interactions with the environment at every stage from the design of our products and services to their deliveries to the customers and determined this policy for the purpose of leading the works to be done for minimizing its negative effects that may be on the environment. The followings are the basic principles of our Environmental Policy prepared in this direction:

• Adaption to the laws

To monitor continuously all local and national laws an regulations related with the enviromental and to ensure the adaptation to these laws an regulations in order to fulfill rhe expectations of our customers, employees and the community affected from our activities.

• Efficent Use of Natural Resources

To provide energy saving by taking measures decreasing the use of resources that we use such as electricity, water, fuel; to decrase waste and shrinkage and hold recycling at the highest level; to ensure efficient use of natural resurces by these means.

• Decreasing Enviromental Pollution

To use technologies that cause the least harm on the enviroment in the new investment and projects within the extent technical, economical and commercial means make it possible.

• Participation of the Employees

For the purpose of reaching our enviromental objectives, to carry out training activities in order to increase awareness of our employees and to ensure their participation by enabling them to have individual responsibility; at the same time, to make contribution for the popularization of this awarennes through our employees.

• Continuous Development

In the framework of laws an expectations, to monitor the developments and to make improvments continuously for the purpose of using natural resources efficiently and decreasing enviromental pollution with the participation of our employees as well.

All of our employees in our workplace work in coorperation in order to reach the objectives in this policy. Our company will do its own part from the duty for the world that will be handed down for the next generations with the activities it will perform in the light of these principles.