our quality policy

Our quality policy is to increase competitive capacity and market share of our business manufacturing home textile products in sustainable and reliable quality that could meet expectations and requirements of our customers in due time through the most economic ways in accordance with the development in textile industry.

To that end, the management of OZANTEKS A.Ş. ;
  • • Provides financial and human resources required for planned and systematic realization of the Quality Management System
  • • Assures its workers’ health, safety, today and tomorrow and provides individual development through training and increase awareness of the quality.
  • • Enables all workers primarily the senior management to understand Quality Policy and its effectiveness and develops efficiency of the quality system through implementation.
  • • Creates and maintains an internal environment where everybody makes contribution in order to realize targets.
  • • Abides by working hours stipulated by the laws, applies overtime without violating the legal limits, considers rest period between working hours.
  • • Enables production process to always reach the desired quality, constitute the concept of excellence and carries out activities by taking environmental awareness and legal obligations into consideration.

We, as the management of OZANTEKS A.Ş., undertake to abide by the conditions of Quality Management System and improve such continuously oriented to customer satisfaction.